• What Strings Should I Buy for My Guitar?

    November 10, 2018 | Blog | admin
  • When it comes to buying guitar strings for your guitar there seems to be a lot of confusion on what type of strings you should buy for your guitar. Today we are going to try to make it an easy task for you.

    The first thing you should know is if your guitar is a classical, acoustic or electric guitar. All those guitar strings come in different types so it is very important to decide this first. 

    If you have a Classical Guitar you are going to need Nylon strings (Which are the softer ones and easy on your fingers). The downside is it does not give you that crisp loud sound of an acoustic guitar. I always recommend this for beginners because it will take a while for your fingertips to become hard and calloused.)

    If you have an acoustic guitar and electric you will be using steel strings, which also differ in sizes.

    Guitar strings are almost like buying a new car. You prefer a certain type of brand and so it is the same with guitar strings. If you do buy Nylon strings they only come in a one size fits all. (Except for the different brands you get.)

    If you do opt for acoustic guitar or electric guitar strings they come in different sizes.

    • Heavy (Very thick)
    • Medium (Also for the tough guys)
    • Light
    • Extra Light

    I do suggest you go for the Light or Extra light which will give you great playability and will not so hard on your fingertips.


    What about the brand?


    You do get quite a lot of different brands out there like Martin and D’addario and many more,  but one brand that stands out from the rest for a couple of years is the Elixir Brand. They do produce their strings with a special coating that makes the strings last longer and sound more bright. Some of the other brands are doing the same. It will not be a bad idea to experiment with different brands and see what strings you like the best. 

    We do hope this little article has shed more light on what guitar strings you should buy. If you do need more information or you have any questions you can contact us. 

    Play with Passion

    Johann van Brummelen