• How to choose a guitar for “beginners”?

    November 6, 2015 | Blog | admin
  • How to choose a guitar for beginners?


    One of the most frequent questions I get as a guitar teacher is what guitar to buy as a beginner? Sometimes music shops want to sell you a very expensive guitar or a cheap no-name brand guitar so it is good to get sound advice from someone who is trustworthy and who has been in the business of music for quite some time.

    Most people start out with a classical guitar that will cost between R1000 – R1500, depending on the size of it. A classical guitar is also softer on your fingers and will last you for quite some time.  If you want to aim at a bit more you can look at an acoustic guitar starting from about R2500 – R5000 for a good entry level guitar. It is very important to sit and play or at least strum the guitar to get a feel for it.

    If you need any advice or help I will be more than willing to assist you and even go shopping with you to make the right decision.

    Keep on strumming